Reviews in English



My bilingual book JEWISH VESTIGES IN PORTUGAL had reviews in Newspapers and Magazines in different countries:

- in PORTUGAL: Revista Valor (by Alessandra Luis), Revista Historia (by Irene F.Pimentel), Jornal das Letras, Artes e Ideias (by Luis Ventem and, a year later, by Urbano Tavares Rodrigues), Jornal do Fundão, Jornal de Notícias, The News, Correio da Manhã, Diário Económico, Comercio do Porto, etc.

- in BRAZIL: Shalom Magazine (by Diana Feldman),

- in FRANCE: Latitude Magazine, (to see the text in French click here)

- in ITALY: by Annie Sacerdoti,

- in ISRAEL: Safarad, the Sephardic Newsletter,by Yitzchak Kerem,

- in U.S.A.: Kukano, Bostonia, Luso-Americano, Manhattan Jewish Sentinel, etc.

Some short details :

---"Now along comes an empressive art book by Lisbon painter Laura Cesana (...)" The book opens doors to Jewish landmarks in a way not found in the meager guidebooks that tourists usually resort to when they visit Portugal. The Cesana book is written in both Portuguese and English on facing pages. It also has a rich supplement of notes. The text, the photographs of places, objects and her art work are a very sensitive account of a fine year search." KATHLEEN TELTSCH (retired journalist of "THE NEW YORK TIMES")  

"The artist Laura Cesana presents a rare depiction of the heritage of Portuguese Jewry through history, culture and art (...) She also remembered to include brief depictions of Portuguese Jewry settlement in Brazil, Amsterdam, and New York. Laura Cesana is unique in that she commemorated little-known segments of Sephardic Portuguese Jewry not only through historical and ethnographic notations, but via original painting. Her Italian and United Staters background add a new perspective to viewing Portuguese Jewry (...). "The book should be a part of anyone's library who takes an interest in Portuguese Jewry" YITZCHAK KEREM (editor of "Sepharad")